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Join us for our March Chapter Meeting!

Don't miss our upcoming chapter meeting "Law Review and Brews" on Thursday, March 21st at 4pm at Avondale Brewing!

This will be our first afternoon chapter meeting, so come on out and get educated while having a drink or two and good time with your fellow CAI Alabama members and friends!

Attorney John C. Barnes will be our speaker. He attended the 2019 CAI Law Seminar in New Orleans earlier this year and he will give an update on the latest statutes, laws and legal trends that directly or indirectly may affect homeowners and condominium associations in Alabama.

Let us know if you will be able to make it and we'll make sure to have two drink tickets for everyone that comes!

Register today!
CAI Alabama Members $15  |  Non-Members $30
2 drink tickets are included with every registration

A big thank you to Fields Greer with The Green Team for sponsoring this event!

We are still looking for another sponsor! Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in being a sponsor!

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January Luncheon Highlights

We had a great turn out at our first chapter meeting of the year with a luncheon at The Club!

A big thank you to DMA Reserves, Landscape Workshop and Southern Pond Professionals who sponsored the luncheon and our luncheon speaker Mason Grimes of Southern Pond Professionals.


Visit or to view more photos from this luncheon.

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Thank you to our 2019 Committee Members!

CAI Alabama is off to a great start! After a very informative chapter luncheon at The Club, the 2019 chapter committee members stayed longer and came up with their individual committee goals for the year! A big thank you to all of our 2019 committee members!

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What CAI and your CAI Alabama Chapter is all about!

Check out this new video from CAI and share it!

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The Future Is Here: A Technological Break-Through in Sustainable Lake & Pond Management

Written by Industry Expert Bo Burns, Biologist & Market Development Manager at SOLitude Lake Management

Algae: it comes in many forms and colors. It’s slimy, stinky and can ruin the beauty and function of your community lakes and ponds. It’s also one of the oldest known organisms on this planet, which might explain its knack for survival, even under the toughest conditions. Over time, HOAs and property management companies have learned to pick sides when it comes to the safe eradication of stubborn and harmful algal blooms—some in favor of natural management techniques; others in support of applying EPA-registered algaecides to ensure the job gets done. But this year, a new game changing technology will make the management of stubborn algae blooms a no-brainer with more long-lasting results that are beneficial for the environment.

Nanobubble aeration is a premium innovative technology designed to exceed the capabilities of traditional lake and pond aeration systems by providing up to 79,000x more oxygen! Put simply, nanobubbles are like traditional aeration systems on steroids. Produced by compact on-shore generators, these ultra-fine bubbles are completely invisible to the eye and about 1 million times smaller than ordinary bubbles. As a result of their tiny size, nanobubbles have no natural buoyancy and do not rise to the surface of the water and burst like you might expect. Amazingly, they remain within the water column for up to 2-3 months, providing unparalleled oxygenation to struggling lakes and stormwater ponds in your community.  

The benefits of a continuously oxygenated lake or pond are enormous. First, oxygen is a key player in the battle against undesirable nutrients by facilitating the conversion of phosphorus to forms that do not sustain algae development. Excess nutrients can easily enter community lakes and ponds in the form of grass clippings, lawn fertilizers, trash, and droppings from dogs, geese and other wildlife. The presence of oxygen also helps to balance pH and other related water quality parameters that encourage the growth of fish, native organisms and beneficial phytoplankton – rather than detrimental bacteria like E. Coli, and cyanobacteria species that can be toxic to humans and wildlife and are believed to contribute to degenerative diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Another amazing benefit of nanobubbles? In addition to engulfing an entire aquatic ecosystem in concentrated oxygen, nanobubbles are negatively charged and, therefore, attracted to positively charged organic matter in the water column. When they connect with positively charged metals and pollutants, including dangerous cyanobacteria toxins, nanobubbles cause them to implode(!), holistically cleansing the waterbody from the inside out.

This innovative water quality solution did not just appear overnight. Nanobubbles have been used in the medical field, the oil and gas business, food preparation areas, and even the beauty industry for purification purposes. However, SOLitude Lake Management is the first environmental firm to advance this technology for large-scale freshwater management applications through continuous research and development with select manufacturers and regulatory agencies.

BEFORE Nanobubble Aeration     AFTER Nanobubble Aeration
BEFORE Nanobubble Aeration                                  AFTER Nanobubble Aeration

Through many promising tests and trials, we’ve learned some exciting things: Property owners who utilize nanobubbles can expect to significantly reduce and even eliminate reliance on traditional algaecides. Nanobubbles have no negative impacts on fish and wildlife when monitoring and managing dissolved oxygen levels—in fact, research suggests nanobubbles help make fish more active, leading to better fishing and recreation. Nanobubbles help strengthen the health and longevity of the entire food chain, starting from the smallest beneficial organisms in your pond and ending with your family. 

Nanobubble aeration isn’t just a quick fix or band-aid; it’s a custom, data-driven solution rooted in years of scientific study and first-hand monitoring experience. The technology doesn’t necessarily replace regular proactive management strategies, but it is truly one of the missing pieces to the puzzle of sustainable freshwater management. Used in conjunction with traditional tools like floating fountains, buffer management, mechanical hydro-raking and regular lake and pond inspections, nanobubbles can help keep your water resources healthier and prettier for much longer periods of time, while eliminating nuisance algae and dangerous cyanotoxins before they begin causing problems.

Nanobubble aeration is poised to transform the entire way we approach the management of lakes and ponds and will be an invaluable tool as urban development and undesirable nutrient loading continue to increase. We’re excited to shepherd this new technology in to the freshwater management realm and look forward to further enhancing water quality in your community and throughout the world.

Bo Burns is a Market Development Manager at SOLitude Lake Management, an industry-leading environmental firm. He specializes in the research and development of new technologies using more than 30 years of industry experience along with a Master of Environmental Management degree in Resource and Wetland Ecology from Duke University. This article is the first in a series featuring new break-through technologies that will revolutionize the management of lakes, stormwater ponds, wetlands and fisheries in 2019. Learn more at

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