CAI Alabama Municipal Partner Membership

Building a strong partnership between Municipal Partners and community association leaders is vital to promoting community growth, beautification, and well-being.

2020 CAI Alabama Municipal Partner Workshop

2020 Municipal Partner Workshop Speakers

A CAI Alabama Chapter Municipal Partner membership provides

  • Education and training for municipal and community leaders such as city code enforcement, beautification boards, and association leaders on trends and best practices for community living.

  • Research information on state and national trends associated with community living.

  • Helps educate community association leaders in best practices for building strong community living within associations

Annual membership dues are $600.

For more information about the CAI Alabama Municipal Partnership, please visit the links below:

 Alabama Facts and Figures
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Julia Boehm-McKay!
email: [email protected], phone: (250) 547-0733